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How Incentives Enhances Competition And Innovativeness

According to psychologists, human beings perform better when they are rewarded with incentives. This are positive things that motivate us to do something and to achieve it either in a given timeline or untimed. This is because when someone is encouraged and motivated, they will give their all when it comes to planning and the execution of an activity and with time, they will develop a liking for it even if they do not like it.


A good example is that of a child who does not like a particular meal but the parent knows it is essential and nutritious for their growth. The parent has to use an incentive, in this case a trick in order to make the baby have the meal. The incentive has to be something the child loves and can use this to make him or her eat like additional playtime or video gaming.


Incentives have been seen to be the number one motivation for most learners. When compared to the old days, scientists say that schools had no ranking system and recognition for the top achiever and this made key elements like attentiveness and innovativeness. Many did not see the reason to be active in school as everyone was equal and getting the same opportunity in terms of learning with the only achievement being, acquiring knowledge.


There however was a change of tact when incentives such as ranking was introduced. Many people felt and wanted to be part of the best and competition was achieved. Some of the incentives used was reward by the schools at the end of every term to the best students in all school activities from academics, sports, arts, hygiene and even punctuality, discover more!


This moved from local schools and was adapted in the national and international arena. Both the government and other private institutions began rewarding the best students in line with enhancing competition and also as a motivation and recognition. Read more claims about education at http://www.ehow.com/ehow-mom/blog/9-back-to-school-traditions-to-document-educational-milestones/.


One such organization is the Honor Society which is an organization that prides itself recognizing academic excellence and helping the achievers, both students and professionals in achieving more by offering scholarships, career advancement opportunities, service discounts to its members and above all goal-oriented networks which brings together like minded achievers making them even make more out of their achievement into higher levels of the achievers ladder. They are guided by certain values and are not discriminatory.